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A spectacular new high-impact, high-skill outdoor circus production using only bamboo and human bodies


The artists arrive at an empty stage, bringing bundles of bamboo. They build towering sculptures which morph, transform and become an improbable, delicate circus playground that seems to defy the laws of physics. 

Inhabited by world-class circus artists and acrobats, the structures bend, and flex, adding to the tension, drama, and sense of jeopardy that lies at the heart of great circus. 

A meaningful, joyful performance with live music, comedy and amazing feats of strength and agility. We celebrate what’s possible when humans and the natural world trust each other and work in harmony.

BAMBOO is a partnership between NoFit State, Imagineer and Orit Azaz. It is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, the Foyle Foundation, and Without Walls, and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Hat Fair and Timber Festival.

BAMBOO was developed out of a collaboration between Imagineer, Orit Azaz and NoFit State to explore what circus structures, stories and performance can be created with UK-grown bamboo. For more information, visit our Bamboo Circus R&D page. 

Upcoming shows

  1. Tour dates to be announced


Tom Rack & Orit Azaz - Co-Artistic Directors
Mish Weaver - Director
Tarn Aitken - Circus Engineer, Performer & Rigger
Dann Carroll – Producer
Rhi Matthews – Costume Design


Felix Fogg
Guillem Fluixa Martí
Laura Moy
Lily Riseley-Prichard
Nicoló Marzoli
Rosa-Marie Schmid

bamboo circus photography by andrew moore & jon street

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