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Your support creates revelatory and inspiring contemporary circus and provides life-changing experiences for audiences and communities at home and around the world.

We create radical new productions that are environmentally sustainable. We strive to be artistic innovators in all that we do, pushing the boundaries of the art form we all love. We know the power of circus and performance to inspire, dismantle barriers, influence change and tackle the climate crisis. As a physical and visual artform, circus is accessible across culture, class and context.

With your support, we deliver unique transformative community engagement projects that reach those most in need, and invest in supporting and inspiring the next generation of circus artists.

We harness the power of our diversity – ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Your support helps to develop new relationships with a broad range of community organisations and creative collaborators to continue to challenge the public perception of what circus is, who it is for, and what it can be. For NoFit State, circus is not just an art form, it is a way of life. We believe it is the spirit of a company that works together, lives together, travels together, eats and breathes together that gives our work its heart and soul.

Support us TODAY to create great work and change lives.

Your donation is the key to making arts accessible for all.

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Suzy Knott, Development Manager or Chieh-Ju Yang, Development Officer

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    This is your chance to run away with the circus! Become a regular supporter to change lives through our impactful community projects and awe-inspiring contemporary circus productions.

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  • Corporate Partnerships

    NoFit State has a successful track record of business sponsorship and developing bespoke services that bring the very best of contemporary circus into the business world.

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  • Public Funders, Trusts and Foundations

    The vital support we receive from public funders, trusts and foundations changes lives, creates world class productions and offers a launch pad for the next generation of artists and companies.

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    We are incredibly grateful for the vision and passion of the grant makers, trusts, companies and individuals who support our work.

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