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Clifton Street Photo Trail

Photos from Clifton Street Festival 2022 are on display around Clifton Street and at STAR Hub this February

About the photo trail

Photos from the Clifton Street Festival held in August 2022 are being shown around Clifton Street and at STAR Hub for the next few weeks. Can you find them all? (more locations to be added on the map soon)

#CliftonStreetFestival #GĊµylStrydClifton


The photos were taken by photographers Mark J Robson and Mary Wycherley. 

The Clifton Street Festival was a day of celebration of home and community held on Bank Holiday Sunday in August 2022. It was co-created by the local community, artists, and NoFit State Community Circus and supported by Welsh Arts Council and Cardiff Community Housing Association.

Clifton street poem

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