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Bamboo Circus R&D is a collaboration between Imagineer, Orit Azaz and NoFit State Circus

BAMBOO (working title) is a new collaboration between Imagineer, Orit Azaz ​​​​​​and NoFit State Circus.

The project is developing towards a new spectacular, high-impact, high-skill outdoor circus production using only UK-grown bamboo and human bodies - revealing the fragility and beauty of our interconnected and interdependent life on this planet. From just a pile of sticks into an amorphous, ever-evolving sculptural landscape animated by exceptional circus bodies, this show will have a simplicity with massive impact and spectacle, and be easily toured. 

We hope this project will be available for touring for summer 2024. For more information and enquiries, please contact Dann.

The Bamboo Circus R&D enquiry has been part of the #ImagineBamboo Is Everywhere 2023 creative enquiry. 


Co-Artistic Directors  Tom Rack (NoFit State Circus) & Orit Azaz

Director Mish Weaver

Circus Engineer & Rigger Tarn Aitken

Producer Dann Carroll

Music Composition R&D Peter Reynolds

Costume R&D Emily Redsell


Artists involved in R&D this year
Gemma Creasey, Andy Davies, Felix Fogg, Tiago Fonseca, Manu Melani, Luca Morrocchi, Sarah Jeneway, Sean Kempton, Phoebe Knight, Sam Lebon, Gracie Marshall, Guillem Marti, Nicoló Marzoli, Kevin McIntosh, Aurora Morano, Laura Moy, Lucie N’Duhirahe, Michaela O’Connor, Riccardo Saggese, Rosa-Marie Schmid

With thanks to
101 Outdoor Arts, Breda Louise Glavin, James Doyle-Roberts & Citrus Arts, MAKE North Docks, Pink Kiwi Catering, Joy Dove Wilkinson, Aerial Mel, and Pete Gunson


Bamboo Circus R&D 2023

bamboo circus photography by andrew moore

    Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_3502_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_587_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_3320_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_3311_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_3476_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_3259_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_2529_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_2483_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_1553_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg Imagineer_Imagine_Bamboo_290723_792_Credit_Andrew_Moore.jpg
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