SABOTAGE challenges the status quo, it is an energising, uplifting and socially relevant contemporary circus production

Upcoming shows

  1. Eastleigh

    11 July - 28 July 2024

  2. Brighton

    8 August - 1 September 2024

More locations to be announced soon!


Another full-on, boisterous, and audaciously fierce performance with the NoFit State signature style.

SABOTAGE brings a darker, grittier, and more subversive edge to our trademark large scale contemporary circus spectacular. Back in the Big Top with incredible new acts, original music, new apparatus and a more theatrical feel, SABOTAGE challenges the status quo.

This is an energising, uplifting and socially relevant contemporary circus production. Our personal journeys bring us to this place. Our struggles, and privileges, have shaped that journey. And yet we find ourselves in the common meeting ground of the circus tent, with the common language of circus. SABOTAGE explores our separation, and our belonging. Saboteurs stand out. They stand up. They challenge the establishment. They are heard.

Nothing in SABOTAGE makes it unsuitable for children, but it was not made specifically for them.

Directed by Firenza Guidi.

Sabotage Trailer 2024

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Sabotage encapsulates the joy and the pain of what it means to be human
Western Telegraph

Cast and Crew

NoFit State believes that the collective outweighs the sum of its parts. Discover the cast, crew and artistic team who come together to make the extraordinary possible.

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From start to finish, you are pulled into the intoxicating performances ... You can’t look away!
Penarth View

Photographer credit: Mark J Robson

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