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A Night of Togetherness, Circus and Community

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Reminiscing my first time working on an event at NoFit State Circus as a Marketing and Communication Assistant.

If you live nearby Adamstown, you must have seen the fairy, glittery lights in the Brewery Park few weeks back, 25 Feb to be exact. I am here to take you through that day, reminisce all the delightful memories and let you in on some behind- the- scenes! The day began with a lot of excitement and a tint of nervousness as the team pushed through the preparations for the event. Tables being set up, lights being fixed, multilingual posters going up, people coming up to us with curiosity and excitement in their eyes.

Park Light was my first time working on an event with NoFit State Circus. Having joined the company a couple months ago, the event was a way for me to be completely immersed in the scenes and watch the impact as and when it happened. The lights were lit, people started joining in, hot chocolates and cakes were being served, candlelight workshops began, and most importantly it was time for Circus!

The best part of the day was witnessing all the smiling faces and being fascinated by the circus acts. I think you would agree when I say that the sense of community was felt in the air that day. Moreover, this event truly made me realise how joyful spending time with community and serving their favourite chocolate cakes can be.



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