Professional Training

Daytime sessions for professional company members, visiting artists, teachers and professionals from circus, dance, gymnastic and similar skilled backgrounds.


  • Must be a NoFit State Member (£5 per year, sign up here or in person with the reception team at Four Elms).
  • Must hold your own public liability insurance.
  • Must train with at least 1 other person who fits the criteria above.
  • No one is allowed to train in the space alone.
  • Must be inducted to our space(s) - see below.
  • We also advise that they also hold personal liability insurance.

Prices & Booking

  • £5 per day
  • £10.00 for 7 days
  • £30.00 for 30 days

Teachers of our regular NoFit State classes can train for free on a working evening.

Space induction

If you have not yet been inducted to our training space(s), you must contact Kate Parry (Community Programme Manager).

  • Unicycles (on the floor)
  • Flexibility
  • Yoga
  • Hula
  • Cyr and german wheel
  • Warm ups and downs
  • Hand balancing (on ground)
  • Acro (on ground)

Paired Training Skills 

  • Aerial
  • Juggling dangerous items
  • Tight wire
  • Hand balancing (at height)
  • Acrobatics (at height)

* required field