2008 - 2010 | Tabú is a trilogy exploring fear as the most common yet the most unspoken of taboos. Have you ever experienced fear - that feeling that simply holds you back from doing something, that grips you like a vice or even takes you over and shakes you like a hollowed building?

In Tabú_standing on the edge of the wildnerness, fear was explored in its rawest, primary and most personal manifestations: our inner demons and our deepest and darkest thoughts. In Tabú_the bull ring, the the exploration of fear was transformed into a desire to "take the bull by the horns": overcoming fear with a desire to face it, confront it and ultimately conquering it. Fear was here teaming up with the individual's power to look at the beast in the eyes and, by seducing it, bring it down. 

Tabú_I will be bad takes this investigation further, exploring the notion of overcoming fear by "daring", transforming that powerless and often arresting energy into an irresistible desire "to be bad". It is a new journey and exploration into the darker side of being. It isn't a freak show, it isn't voyeurism. It is the tissue we are made of and cannot fully grasp, let alone explain. Tabú digs into human nature and whilst remaining firmly on the ground, probes into and soars around the very things wo/man has done but cannot talk about. These are tabú.

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