What happens when circus and dance collide? An exciting collaboration with Motionhouse, directed by Kevin Finnan.

Twenty oversized blocks are deconstructed and reformed into an infinite variety of shapes for the performers to play on, move with and explore. What happens when dance and circus collide? When they converge, rub against each other, blend into one another?

The modern city is a nest teeming with activity. Human life streams through it. BLOCK is about living in the city, its contradictions and its challenges. Living large, living fast and sometimes living in the cracks, this extraordinary cast stay on their toes to survive and thrive in the world of blocks. 

Commissioned by 
Without Walls, Stockton International Riverside Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts.

Co-production by 
Archaos, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée and Le Citron Jaune, Centre National des Arts de la Rue.

Upcoming Shows

Here’s a list of where we are touring in the near future.

ALLES MUSS RAUS!, Stockhausplatz, Kaiserslautern, Germany21 Jul — 22 Jul 2018
IF: Milton Keynes International Festival, Milton Keynes, England25 Jul — 26 Jul 2018
Sommersprossen 2018, Pforzheim, Germany27 Jul — 28 Jul 2018
Dreamland’s Circus Wednesday, Margate, England29 Jul 2018
The Hat Fair, Winchester, England29 Jul 2018
Festival La Strada Graz, Graz, Austria31 Jul — 4 Aug 2018
Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary8 Aug 2018
Les Renc'Arts, Pornichet, France14 Aug 2018
Jeudis Du Port, Brest, France16 Aug 2018
Leicester City Festival, Leicester, England22 Aug — 23 Aug 2018
The Big Feast Festival - Appetite, Stoke-on-Trent, England24 Aug — 25 Aug 2018
Dreamland’s Circus Wednesday, Margate, England29 Aug 2018
Freedom Festival, Hull, UK1 Sep — 2 Sep 2018
FiraTàrrega 2018, Tàrrega, Spain7 Sep — 9 Sep 2018
Lancashire Encounter Festival, Winckley Square Gardens, Preston, England21 Sep — 22 Sep 2018
Derby Feste, Derby, England29 Sep 2018
We’re back on the road with #Block2018! Find out where we’re going:
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