Block: Tales from the road (part 13)

published Friday 7 July, 2017DAY 43What a glorious day. I really enjoyed my continental breakfastno rush today. I wandered into town along the Ijssel river which brought much wealth to Deventer in the twelfth to fifteenth centuries. A windmill, grazing cows and beautiful scenery on the very edge of this historic city. I followed a guide booklet of the buildings and architecture of this merchant town. What did I learn? That art is the whisper of history, heard above the noise of time. That 700 years ago they subsidised bricks and tiles so the locals didnt use flammable materials, such as wood and straw. That whisper is too painfully topical after the scandal of Grenfell Tower. I also learnt that I prefer the architecture of mercantile capitalism, such as the former bank, to Rouen cathedral, a product of a feudal system. Perhaps its just my protestant upbringing. At dinner I ended up discussing the show with the waitress and the two women sitting next to me. I felt really welcome. They gave me some useful tips for my intro speech.

Once a bank financing the merchants of this fine city. DAY 43Where to start? Another day in Deventer. Ambling around the shopping streets. (I only ought one top and it was in a sale). Cruising on the Ijssel. Visiting a craft brewery. (Davowonderful beer). Or eating at the restaurant Zus, on the Brink, the town square, for the second night running. Great food, especially the beef and great service. I chatted to the waitress last night. As I walked past this morning she called out a greeting. Tonight all the waitresses knew who I was and that I was here for the festival! I love it here! Do I want to move here? No way, its too clean and civilised. I miss the diff. Tomorrow the gang arrive and then we go to work in the Beestenmarkt. Its the wrong side of the tracks but thats the way I like it! Deventer is full of delightful shops. Cruising on the Ijssel. Half fish, half Deventerin. DAY 44Another day in Deventer but today it was back to work. A meeting with the festival at lunchtime. Then meeting the gang as they arrive, at different times, at the train station. The last lot arrived at 23: 00 as their flight was delayed. I did catch a small exhibition by a Spanish ceramicist, Pablo. Very impressive! Tomorrow is another late start. The one show is at 21: 00. So time to catch up on my emails. My holiday is over. This is all ceramic. By Pablo.