Associate Artists

NoFit State aspires to support up to three artists or companies a year as part of the NoFit State Associate Artist programme.

NoFit State aspires to support up to three artists or companies a year as part of the NoFit State Associate Artist programme. These artists or companies will be chosen for:

-The quality of their artistic vision;
-The interest in their creative aspirations;
-The alignment with NoFit State’s own creative and cultural vision; 
-NoFit State’s capacity and capability to genuinely support their development.

Most importantly they will be an artist or company we are genuinely excited to be associated with.

Involvement in the Associate Artists programme will be by invitation. They may be drawn from artists or companies whom we have engaged with through the Supported By offer, or they may be someone that we discover on our travels. Artists and companies are welcome to invite us to see their work and open a conversation, but in doing so must be comfortable that it may not result in an invitation to join the programme.

The Associate Artists’ engagement will be time limited. This could be for as little as 12 months, or as long as 5 years depending on the journey the artist or company is on, and how NoFit State can best support their development.

Within this time NoFit State will provide mentoring and engage openly and creatively with the Associate Artist. Support given will depend on the needs and aspiration of the individuals and the capacity of the NoFit State core, production and creative teams.


NoFit State Associate Artists 2019

The new 2019 pilot programme is supported by the Fenton Arts Trust and the Golsoncott Foundation. This year NoFit State are proud to support the development of :


Company-ish is a new post-contemporary circus, born out of a desire to see circus connect with a new audience, whilst remaining embedded in the tradition of tented touring.

Company-ish aim to make ordinary people feel extraordinary, finding the pleasure and humanity within circus and allowing our audience to be a part of that energy. Their work is fresh, bold and beautiful. Challenging the preconceptions of what circus is, and proving what circus can be.

They describe their work as post-contemporary because of their artistic stance. They don't believe in sticking to the traditional, classical circus format. Nor do they prescribe to the contemporary circus model of playing to theatre audiences and trying to adapt their art to fit another’s mould.

Their work is unashamedly skillful, and deeply imbedded in the exploration of the human condition, questioning everything whilst realising that there are no real answers. Their circus is made to inspire the audience to laugh heartily, feel more and think differently.



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