2012 | A wind is rising. People are building a barricade to defend themselves from the storm. They hurry to bring tyres and ladders in impossible volumes.

The barricade they build, a spectacular aerial playground, sets the scene for a maelstrom of breathtaking circus. A powerful story of separation and unity, acrobats, aerialists and tightrope walkers explore the mighty human effort required to overcome the walls, barriers and defences we find, or place, in our path.

Past Show Dates

Here’s a list of where and when this show toured.

Fuse Medway Festival
16 June 2012

Festival Vivacite
29 - 30 June 2012

Temps Bourg
7 July 2012

Lichfield Festival
14 July 2012

Angers, France
7 - 8 September 2012

Brighton Festival
5 May 2012

Pontardawe Leisure Centre
12 - 13 May 2012

Inside Out Festival
21 - 23 June 2012

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