Circus Past, Present and Future

Circus Past, Present and Future is project led by New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme, celebrating 250 years of circus in 2018.

Circus Past, Present, Future at "The Circus Village"

Project Dates: 22 February 2018 - 21 April 2018

250 years on from Philip Astley’s invention of circus, NoFit State hosted a circus village in the man’s birthplace of Newcastle-under-Lyme. Organised in partnership with the New Vic Theatre as part of Circus Past, Present and Future, the Ryecroft Circus Village was the perfect setting for the premier of the company’s new creation LEXICON and to kick off a year of circus celebrations throughout the country.

The project also featured a photographic exhibition 'Themes and Stories' by long-time company photographer Mark Robson, and Artists in Residence programme, the CircusWorks youth festival, as well as 'STATE OF', an old school circus convention and conference held between 13 - 18 April.

Three Big Tops. Five companies. One new show. Four works in progress. Three sector focused events.

Project Dates

22 February - 28 March 2018
LEXICON Creation

19 - 23 March 2018
Bassline Residency

26 - 30 March 2018
Zaq Andel Residency

28 March 2018
Lexicon World Premiere

28 March - 21 April
Themes and Stories: A circus photography exhibition by Mark Robson

2 – 7 April 2018
CircusWorks Youth Circus Festival

5 - 12 April 2018
Blake's Circus Residency 

13 - 16 April 2018
The State Of Play: Convention 

17 - 18 April 2018
The State Of The Art: Conference  

18 April 
Milton Lopes Residency Showcase

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