Block: Tales from the road (part 14)

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published Monday 10 July, 2017DAY 45So, now I am sitting outside a bar on Der Brink, and the shows are coming to me. First, Theater Titanick, with their steampunk contraptions, bursting through the crowds. Now, this is a live reportage, the Komplex Kapharnaum, with moving projections, on all the buildings and music. Only the music reminds me of Kiss by Tom Jones and the Art of Noise. The town is alive, packed with people and its really kicking, in a laid back Dutch way. We did our first Block show in the Netherlands tonight. It wasnt the best, some silly problems, but how the audiences loved it. I reckon there were over a thousand watching and we got a standing ovation. We do three shows tomorrow. Tot ziens. DAY 46So today they did three shows. For the first time ever! All three shows got a standing ovations. The Block gang amaze me. Last night, and again tonight, we had 250 people with physical and mental disabilities watching the show; arranged by the local Red Cross. They inspired the performers. When Luka and Africa went to chat to them all at the end of the show I just welled up (again). I cant believe the humanity of these performers. Then it was back to Der Brink for more madness from Theater Titanick. Only two show tomorrow and then the end of the festival party! Could it get any better? How does Lee do that? Madness on Der BrinkDay 47I call the Block performers the gang. I hope that doesnt sound patronising. They work incredible as a team, all adding something different to the total. Not just as performers but as individuals, too. Two shows today, in the bright and hot sunshine. But again they pulled it off. They amaze me. Before each show I make a short introduction. In bad Dutch, French or German. Im not proud. I know it's not what a director would say, or someone from the festival. It only lasts about a minute and I usually get two rounds of applause and at least one laugh. I now see myself as the warmup act! Am I getting carried away? In reality, Im just the driver. Another end of the festival party. Many thanks and many well meet again; and we do, its part of the joy of this job that we do meet again. The festival is over, Deventer is now the tranquil town I first met a week ago. Tomorrow were gone. I hope weve left good memories if nothing else. Tomorrow Autostadt, the home of Volkswagen cars, and another festival. Bring it on! They connect with each other.