Block: Tales from the road (part 10)

published Tuesday 27 June, 2017DAY 31Today we had a late start so I could go to the Pinakothek der Moderne, a wonderful museum of modern and contemporary art. The collection includes one of the four versions of the painting LEquipe de Cardiff and so much more! I discovered a new artists, Palermo, whose works I love. Can I take them home with me? An afternoon of wonder, learning and delight. I plan to go back tomorrow for more. Im loving my stay in Munich but the thunderstorm rolling around make me nervous for tomorrow. PalermoTriptych, 1972Robert Delauneys painting of the Cardiff rugby team from 1913. Ive just cycled back to the hotel. Its 12: 15am. The gang delivered two great shows today. The 10pm performance was magic, with a great response from a great audience. After the show the audience climbed all over the blocks. They were respectful and careful and it was beautiful. The festival crew here are brilliant. For example, we have a fridge of beer for after the show, when we pointed our Ali is a coeliac, they brought wine for him. That is a very nice touch. As usual we dont have enough time to explore all the delights of this city. Its quite frustrating but arent I the lucky bugger to just get a taste of life here. Gute Nacht! A great show! Shame the blocks are now white. DAY 32What a great show this evening. The performers keep finding a little more. Luka was so good in her duet with Danny tonight. It really is a delight to watch the show over and over again. A quick load out, the can and trailer are packed and I should be on the road Monday morning. So we all have a day off tomorrow. What shall I do? Definitely food and drink and perhaps a bit more culture. And sleep, Im still exhausted from all the driving. Og, and cycling home tonight I noticed how well Die Munchners hold their drink. They were well pissed after a day at the festival, but they behave better than us Brits. Lunch, fried spam and jacket potato, was so tasty. DAY 33A very lazy day. Got up just in time for breakfast then went back to bed. Went out for a stroll and late lunch then went back to bed. Now I am off for dinner then an early night. Perhaps Im to old for this game. Tomorrow, back in the van. Wish me luck! A German square with a German fountain. DAY 36Today, as I drove north along the FrancoGerman border, I passed battlefields and cemeteries. Why does the history of war dominate our landscapes? Every field has a history. Every village a history culture and art. Which reminds metoday I drove past the worst public arts ever. Concrete slabs, discs, squares, triangles, cubes, spheres, pyramids and poles. Their colours bleached by the elements. For 25 kilometres! It made me appreciate the hippy pixies on toadstools on the way to lyon but at least they have art along their autoroutes. Bravo France! Ive been having problems writing this blog, wondering what Im doing each night but now that I have found inner emigration Ill happily continue. So now I am in Rouen. We dont perform until Saturday. The gang arrives Friday. Ive got a couple of days to enjoy myself. Francois (and the rest of the festival) made me very welcome tonight. Best wishes from the Hotel Bonaparte. In the centre of Rouen.