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Supervised training

Supervised training sessions are pre-bookable sessions in which members of our community can be ‘signed off’ to attend.


  • Aerialists level 3 or above
  • Ground skills students of any level
  • NoFit State Member (£5 per year)
  • Must have designated skill 'signed off' by teacher.  

Sign-off Process

Sign off is done by your current teacher(s), and you will need to be signed off by each teacher of each particular skill you want to practice. You can also request sign off by submitting the adjacent form.


£5 per session (monthly bookings) £8 for a single session (must be pre-booked)

Don't forget: In order to attend these sessions you are also required to be a NoFit State Member (£5 per year).


Sessions are bookable through Reception, and are not currently available online.

Space induction

The space induction will check that yor basic safety and rigging knowledge is up to scratch, as well as informing you of our company policies regarding the space. You will also be inducted on the specific bits of equipment you are wanting to train on.


If you attend supervised training and wish to progress then get in touch with our Kate Parry, our Community Programme Manager and we can advise you on how to become eligible for professional training.

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