Francis Maxey

Francis Maxey

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Francis is a circus trainer, performer and director. He teaches the ground-based skills, all forms of juggling, rope walking, Rolla Bola, unicycle, balance and manipulation as well as performance technique and clowning.

In the early years (1980/90’s), Francis performed alongside NoFit State and has been closely involved with the company since then.

He has performed in the circus for over 38 years as a clown and ropewalker and has toured extensively across the UK with a comic slack rope act. During this time Francis ran circus schools that were involved in two of NoFit State’s early shows and many other school projects.

In 2017, Francis directed the Youth Circus show ‘Circus 250 Years Young’

He's still performing circus clowning, but not the dangerous stuff. He also works as a storyteller and musician.