Rosa Marie Autio

Rosa Marie Autio

Performer In Lexicon | Performers

Rosa found her way into the circus at the age of 5 in a local youth circus called Sorin Sirkus in Tampere Finland, where she learned the basics of different circus disciplines like pyramids and skipping ropes.

As her main discipline Rosa chose foot juggling. Rosa graduated from art oriented high school in 2012 and left to Voionmaa Institute for a one year to study acting.

In 2014 she was accepted to a circus university called Ècole Superieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels. In ESAC Rosa found her own personal style of manipulate foot juggling objects, mixing a new hand manipulation and traditional foot juggling technic with a spice of theatrical play. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in June 2017.

After school she joined to NoFit State Circus for their new creation, Lexicon. Rosa is also one of the founders of a Finnish contemporary circus company called Sirkum Polaris and their first show called 'Kulovalkea' will premier in 2019.