Camille Beaumier

Camille Beaumier

Former Creative Producer | Core Team

Camille's career begins in Scotland following her encounter with Chloë Dear (Boilerhouse & Iron Oxide) with whom she will work for 7 years on a variety of projects: 3600 seconds (Boilerhouse & Metaolovice), La Banda Europa (Small is Beautiful), Feet First (Edinburgh Hogmanay), Cargo (Edinburgh Mela) to name a few.

A three year stop over in France saw Camille at the side of Metalovoice promoting a number of their shows then alongside Transe Express supporting their transition into creation space La Gare à Coulisses and the tours of their spectacular aerial shows (Maudits Sonnants, Les Rois Faignants). Following her heart back to the UK Camille has now been part of the NoFit State team for 8 years, leading on the tour booking of all productions and international development as well as being involved in the company's artistic journey.

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  02920 221 330