Opening the Newcastle-under-Lyme Circus Village

As I'm writing this, we now have just 2 weeks until the first LEXICON shows here in Newcastle-under-Lyme. There's a real buzz around the town for this show, and we can't wait to reveal it!
This week, we have been extremely busy, not only because of rehearsals, but as usual the circus shenanigans continued too.
We now have water! I mean, we got even more than we bargained for after such a lack of it during the snow. As the snow thawed, we got flooded. Fortunately for us, Mable (Tom's daughter) has been very creative, finding solutions for the problem. She bought tiles, wood chippings, buckets and rakes to soak, divert and collect it all. One surreal Saturday morning, she was even raking the tiles to make the surface more even. I think she should win Woman of the Year.
This week, Lee Tinnion - one of our Block performers, and our community programme rigger - joined us to help out the lighting team. You might not know this, but Lee is Head of the Ministry of Fun, appointed during the BIANCO stand at Southbank Centre. He brought a lot of joy and jolliness with him, and we have been playing foot Jenga, Werewolves and loads of other games to wind down after the rehearsals. 
It was great to have Aitor Basauri from Spymonkey exploring some comedy characters with the Lexicon performers. Laughter filled our site, and it was really nice to see everyone smiling and getting in as much inspiration as we approach first previews on 28th March. 
Our site is getting busier every day with collaborators and artists in residency. From this week we call our site the Newcastle-under-Lyme Circus Village, and we've finally been able to welcome lovely friends from Bassline Circus as neighbours and the first of our Artists in Residency. They'll be presenting an end-of-week sharing on Friday 23 March, 4pm.
These next couple of weeks will be full of guests, workshops and conventions. While all this goes on, our amazing cook Alex is planning ahead as she anticipates cooking for thousands of audience members on top of her daily duties of feed out crew, cast, and guests. You can read an super interesting interview I did with her here.
Wednesday is the company's day off, and this week's was especially brilliant as it coincided with International Women's Day, where we all got invited to see the emphatic opening of New Vic's adaptation of Votes for Women. WE LOVED IT! After the show, we all enjoyed a pub quiz and a cocktail party at the local bar.
We've also been busy rehearsing new songs for the show. The "band" (which is more of a free-flowing group of performers, bar, costume and merchandise crew) are sounding truly brilliant. It's great to start hearing the sounds of the show and if you've seen a past NoFit State show, you'll know just how important the music is and how much of an emotional impact it can have when it is married with extraordinary circus performance… 
Finally, probably the most important news of the week, our lighting technician Simon has really enjoyed going to the Sauna on his day off!