Circus Past Present & Future – Artists in Residency Revealed

Were thrilled to announce the four circus companies chosen to be Artists in Residency as part of Circus Past Present & Future in Newcastle under Lyme.

Circus Past Present & Future celebrates Circus250 (the 250th anniversary of Philip Astleys invention of modern circus) in 2018 in the town of his birth.

This is a brief description of their projects from the artists and companies involved:

Bassline Circus
Developing: FLIP

FLIP is a musical fable of two lovers looking for each other through a succession of cubic visual paradoxes and impossible worlds. Colliding the unlikely disciplines of Hand balancing, Krump and BoneBreaking (a little known dance style originating from Brooklyn), FLIP combines virtuoso circus and street dance with reactive video projection and hypnotic shadow play. Billed as a Vectorized Circus Concert, the show features MC Eva Lazarus backed by one of the reggae scenes most indemand producers Mungos HiFi. FLIP is aimed at urban dance, contemporary circus and music lovers as well as being suitable for young/family audiences.

Zaq Andel (Circus Mash and independent artist)

As part of the Artist in Residency programme at NFS, I will be working alongside the creative team throughout the creation of Lexicon to develop my own professional skills and reflect them in my future work. I will use this support with the Past, Present & Future theme to compare my previous and current practices, then explore new techniques and approaches in a piece I develop as part of the national celebration for Circus250.

Milton Lopes (independent artist)
Developing: Elephant

Elephant is a cross disciplinary show in development about the experiences of a mixed race disabled man born in Africa.

Defying audiences preconceptions, we will use aerial circus, live music, sign language and audio description as tools to ask questions such as Is identity defined first by race or by (dis)ability?.

I would like to use the Residency to create characters, interactions and relationships between a deaf, a physical impaired and a visual impaired performers through developing a choreography using the Chinese pole sign language and spoken word.

Sarah Jean Couzens (Blakes Circus)
Developing: Blakes Circus

Inspired by the fact that visionary poet and artist William Blake was almost certainly present at Philip Astleys first shows in London 250 years ago, Blakes Circus will be a celebration of the brilliance of both men.

Beginning with the show set firmly in the late 1700s, (costumes, set, props) Blakes Circus will slowly morph into our vision of Blakes vision of the Circus. Blakes works made real in flesh and circus spectacle.

We are delighted and very grateful to have been selected for NoFit States Artist in Residence programme, this will enable us to create the first Act in an ambitious circus show with great potential. Roll on 2018!

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