Block: Tales from the road (part 12)

DAY 38So the whole gang and Chris are now in Sotteville. Chris is here as he is replacing Danny next weekend. It's Danny's mother's wedding, so he has a good alibi. It is great to see them all, I think I miss them when they're away. Africa and Amer are also performing their own show here. Not to be missed! The festival began tonight but it got off to a damp start. Let's hope the rain stays away tomorrow. The heart of the festival. A little wet. DAY 39An 08: 30 start and two great shows. Both were really well appreciated, with big crowds and lots of "bravos". But first we watched Africa and Amer's show. Very funny and very skilful. They'r not using all their talents in Block. It was good to see the show again. Francois and Fellipe (he was in Bianco in London) both loved the show and had so much to say about it. On my way back to the hotel people were calling out."Block, well done, bravo!"Stardom at last!!! Oh, and by the way the catering food here is great. Catalan stars and Catalan blocks. A full house. DAY 40Two great shows today. The word got round that we're the show to see. What was really amazing was that Chris stood in for Danny for the first show. He did so well, and the support from the rest of the cast was wonderful. Danny was the real star giving so much support and advice. A French booker was so moved by the first show he wants to book us next year. We've had criticism in France for the emotional content of the show but he so got it. He said it even brought to mind the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Bloody hell! We've been looked after here by Soverine Rovel. She's done a great job. I hope we work with her again. I've just left the last night festival party as I have another long drive tomorrow but I so wanted to stay! So many beautiful people, another time perhaps.. Now we leave France. Au voir, et a bientot. Block party in Sotteville. DAY 41I've made it! I'm now in Deventer, in the Netherlands. I'm in a hotel on the edge of town that has room for the van and trailer. It was a long drive, made worse by the 90 minute traffic jam in Antwerp. So again I have a few days to explore another historic city. But first I am not sure if I've explained who the gang are. Ali, Danny and Luka are the Motionhouse dancers. Andrew, lee, Amer and Africa are the circus performers, but as Block they are one. Or they are a faded covers band and I am their managerCrank and the 7 C's (Chunky, Cubely, Celery, etc.)I dressed again for dinner. I guess it's becoming a ritual. Leaving behind driving with a shower and change of clothes. Time for another beer. I'm rubbish at selfies.