The Transitions Project is a circus artist and teacher development programme, run by NoFit State Circus and funded by the Arts Council of Wales

a new transition

Following a highly successful first year NoFit State are delighted to announce that their sector support programme, Transitions, will continue for another year thanks to the support of the Arts Council of Wales.

Designed to provide the training, support and investment needed by circus performers, teachers and young artists at pivotal moments in their artistic and professional careers;
in its first year the Transitions programme saw over 600 engagements from circus professionals in Wales.

The 2019/20 programme will build on the strengths and successes of the first year and evolve to meet the current needs of the sector. The new programme will continue the popular masterclass, micro fund and young artists residency elements, and bring new opportunities through a programme of visiting artists and practical sessions.

NoFit State are confident that the programme will continue to make a significant impact to a broader range of artists and practitioners from Barry to Bangor- providing the Welsh circus sector with a unique opportunity to develop and prosper.

With the funding from the Arts Council of Wales, this new programme of support will launch at the end of September 2019. Keep in touch with NoFit State’s channels over the next few weeks to find out more about the programme schedule and don’t forget to sign up to our Careers Casting and Job Opportunities mailing list.

the projects

The project will provide targeted support for three areas of practice.

transitions: young artists

Aimed specifically at youth circus graduates and young artists living, studying or working in Wales, who wish to pursue a professional career in circus.



transitions: teachers 

Aimed at Welsh circus practitioners who want to make the transition to teaching being the focus of their professional career


transitions: professional development

Offering masterclasses, mentoring and a new professional development micro fund aimed at professional circus practitioners 



project news

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