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Digwyddiadau Pwrpasol

Mae brand bywiog ac unigryw NoFit State yn denu cynulleidfaoedd mawr, nid yn unig ledled Cymru a'r DU, ond yn rhyngwladol. Mae ein cynyrchiadau teithiol yn cyrraedd degau o'r filoedd o bobl bob blwyddyn ac mae ein prosiectau cymunedol a ieuenctid yn ymgysylltu a phobl o bob oed.

NoFit State has a successful track record of developing bespoke services that bring the very best of contemporary circus into the business world. We will work with you to develop a partnership that meets your company objectives for longer lasting benefits at a level that suits your budget.

In return, your support will help us to continue to produce world-class contemporary circus productions, inspire and support the next generation of artists and engage with communities throughout Wales and the UK.

We can offer:

  • Unique staff training and rewards
  • Exclusive event entertainment
  • International brand placement and global PR
  • Opportunity to sponsor specific productions and events
  • Community engagement projects offers and discounts
  • Corporate Social Responsibility projects of all scales

Please contact NoFit State's Head of Development Bethan T Gamble to start the conversation about how we can work together: 02921 321 004 

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