Rachel Helena Walsh

Receptionist / Trustee

Rachel is an Irish Artist, Performer & Producer based in Cardiff. She has been involved with the company in many different guises* since 2011 and enthusiastically joined the Board in 2016. She is particularly interested in the uniqueness of the company in regards to its community class programme, community engagement/ outreach work and company ethos.

Rachel holds a BA (Hons) Performing Arts & Theatre Studies, is currently an Associate Artist with both Doppelgangster and Happy in My Skin and has been the Stage Coordinator for the annual community arts festival madeinroath, since 2012.

Her favourite nofitstate moment has been discovering her Clown through the nofitstate Community programme back in 2011; changing her artistic outlook and allowing play to inhabit all aspects of her life.

*class member, Christmas cabaret performer, audience member, supporter, artist, festival coordinator, BLOCK painter, emergency receptionist, dog walker, first aider, party planner, tbc..