John Kirk

Technical Production Manager

Not to be confused with the Victorian explorer (though he does sport equally magnificent facial hair), John is an RWCMD graduate from Maesteg who joined the NoFit State family in 2016. 

In his first week with the company, John was stowed away and sent across the Atlantic to oversee the technical production of BIANCO under the Brooklyn Bridge, and has since worked on outdoor projects such as BLOCK and The Big Splash. As well as making preparations for our BIANCO performances at Southbank Centre, John’s big job is to revolutionise the way the company works on a technical level. 

John is our go-to tech bod and is surely the handiest person in the core team (he’s even made a makeshift window-blind for the office). He drives a gnarly pick up truck with a zombie-related bumper sticker, and is also beginning to make a name for himself as a connoisseur of European sweet treats.