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We thanks the lovely Lisa Every for her unwavering support!  Go nofit!  Can't wait to see the finished building! After seeing Bianco this summer I’ve become inspired to run away and join the circus after I graduate! (Physics degree is nowhere near as fun as circusy things!). I never contemplated a career in the circus but you guys have shown me how amazing it is and inspired me to be a part of it in the future, THANK YOU :)  Thank you for sharing your art! Good luck!  I want to come and see you - so please keep going and be successful. My granddaughter has just seen you show AND LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT..... MaggiB To the lovely people at Halcyon Daze, the didgeridoo went down a storm! Thanks for your support! Cheers to the team at Cineworld, thanks for your donation!  Thank you Brewhouse Cardiff for your kind support towards the Raise the Rig Cabaret!  Thanks to the staff at Wilkinson's Cardiff for their support. We thanks the team at St Davids Hall for the generous donation of tickets towards the Raise the Rig Cabaret raffle. To Mark Robson, long standing friends, supporter and talented photographer we thank you for the beautiful print that went into the auction!  To our friends at the Wales Millennium Centre thanks for the support with raffle prizes! For all the cake and support we salute you all at Fresh!  Many thanks to the Glee Club Cardiff for the raffle prize for the Raise the Rig Cabaret Cheers to Hamleys toy store for the help to Raise the Rig! Thanks to Martyn Prowel Solicitors for their support of the Raise the Rig Cabaret. Had my first lesson yesterday and will be back for more. It's a great community and fab to be doing something different! Good luck! We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated, baked, attended and helped out at the Raise the Rig community cabaret that was held on the 15th of June to raise money towards the redevelopment of Four Elms, together we managed to raise an amazing £1543.75!!! Well done everyone! keep your foot to the floor and your arm out the window. No Fit State makes me want to run away and join the circus :-) You guys rock, keep doing what you do. :-) <3 Great company. Great campaign! Look forward to seeing it when it's finished! Best of luck with the new building. Look forward to new classes and wonderful new shows. Bianco was an inspiration. although in wheelchair guided round stage cardiff millenium no problems please thank guy helping guide us wheelchairs around with great skill. also fabulous band must try get hold of music I saw Bianco and thought it was lovely and that I should help you do more lovely things. best of luck with the new build.  A huge thank you to one of our Cardiff community members, Peter Noneley, for his support to Raise the Rig!  Thanks to Jim Bartlett for helping us to Raise the Rig!  We would like to thank the generosity of the Freemasons of South Wales whose donation towards Four Elms has bought us a step closer to realising the dream. Many thanks. Last summer I saw No Fit State at the Eden Project and was entranced by the elegance and artistry of the performers. Good luck with Four Elms, and your work developing creativity and magical skils with young people! To the lovely Ellie Pilott, we thank you!  Cheers to our friend Steve Killick for helping us Raise the Rig! NoFit State thank you Sion Lewis for your support! Thanks Delia Rees for getting us a step closer! Thanks to Helen Protheroe for your generous ongoing support to Four Elms and NoFit State as a whole! A huge thank you to Gilliam Williams whose generous and ongoing support to NoFit State is truly valued by the company as a whole!  This donation is an organisation and a more importantly to group of people we had the pleasure of working with in the mid to late 1990's. Keep up the good work; Cardiff and the world would be a dull place without you. Siôn & Della A huge thanks for the generous support of Chris Ready towards Raise the Rig!!! Thanks Ali Williams, you are a leading light and a supporter of Raise the Rig! Thanks to Mark Robson for supporting NoFit State and your help towards Raising the Rig!  A big Thank You to Pete Gamble for helping to Raise the Rig in Four Elms! Louise Carey - you're a star! Thanks for your support! I can't wait for NoFit State to take over Four Elms, its going to be amazing!!! A huge thanks to Jane Davidson for all her support and for helping to Raise the Rig!!!! NoFit State has been raising the bar in circus, now lets all help to Raise the Rig for NoFit State! Good Luck team! Delighted to support a Half Column for our fantastic new home!  Lisa Every - thanks for your ongoing support for NoFit State! Thanks to Hazel Ann Bryan for helping us closer to the dream! Lache pas la patate! Im looking forward to NoFit State moving into Four Elms, its going to be great!  Thanks to Wendy and Olivia Tiong for helping us get one step closer to Raising the Rig! Thanks Anne-Marie Wagner and Anna Fardell for helping us to Raise the Rig!  Let's get there soon!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see Four Elms open next year. It looks like it'll be a really amazing place! Thank you Kathryn Woods for your donation to our new community home. We're that step closer to realising the dream! Thanks H Williams for helping us raise the rig at Four Elms. Thanks for all your support over the years Gill Williams. We can't wait to train with you in Four Elms! Thanks Lucie Seriven for helping us build our new community home. Thank you Paul Seligman for the kind donation to our new building. Thank you to Jennifer Sain Ley Berry for your kind donation to our new community home. Thanks Frank Rozelaar-Green. Your donation means we're one part closer to building our rig. Thanks Paul Roberts for your kind donation. It'll help us to realise our Four Elms dream. Many thanks to Kit Pharoah for your contribution. Thanks Tim Partridge for your kind donation. We're one step closer to raising the rig. Thanks Claire McLennan for your help in raising the Four Elms rig. Thanks Warren Orchard for helping us bring Four Elms to life. Thanks Ann Matthews for helping us to Raise the Rig. Thanks Alex Koraczynsky for your generous donation to our future community home. We're one step closer to raising the rig. Thanks for your donation Chris Loyn. Many thanks for helping us to raise the rig, David Jones. Thank you for your support raising the rig at Four Elms, Jeasnie Hansworth-Lamb. Sally Greenway, your donation has put us one step closer to raising the rig. Thanks. Stephen Glasgoe helped towards Four Elms. Thanks for your donation! Thanks to Luana Dee for donating to Raise the Rig! Thanks for donating towards our new community home, Stuart Davies. Thanks to Alex Copely for donating to Raise the Rig. Thanks Sally Church for helping us realise our dream of opening Four Elms. Emma Burns - you're a star. Thanks for kindly donating to to our rig. Thanks to K Bateson for donating to Raise the Rig. 

Four Elms is the new permanent home in the community for NoFit State Circus. It provides space for community and master classes, youth circus and creative development projects.

At the heart of the space is a steel rig that holds the ropes, trapezes and dreams of our learners, performers and trainees. The rig has been designed to the same scale as the king poles in NoFit State's big top, meaning work created in Four Elms can be taken out and performed in the tent.

Four Elms provides a creative hub not just for NoFit State and the wider circus sector, but also for the local Cardiff community.

Sponsor the Rig

By sponsoring a nut, bolt, beam or ladder you will be helping to support the creative and community activities within the building, ensuring Four Elms is a vibrant, inclusive and inspiring space for everyone who uses it.

To make a donation by telephone or to find our more about how else you can support NoFit State, please get in touch with Bethan

Ollii Park
Age: 15

Ollii first discovered Nofit State after seeing the Parklife show in Port Talbot, he was totally in awe and wanted to get involved! Through our website he found out about the youth circus summer school and promptly enrolled, “the summer school was amazing and allowed me to try things I had never tried before! I got to do trapeze and flying!” He’s been hooked ever since and has now joined two of our weekly youth circus sessions. Nofit has inspired Ollii “ I have been doing this for four weeks so far and I want to go on and do circus as a career, I can see myself running away with the circus in the future”.

Ellie Phillips
Age: 15

Ellie joined the youth circus four years ago when her mum came across the classes and suggested it to her. She started in the younger session and progressed up in to the older group. “It really is the highlight of my week and the best part of my weekly exercise, I have made loads of friends in the group, I love that I get to see my circus friends outside of school” when asked what her favourite thing about youth circus was she said “ the equipment is really impressive, you get to use the same rig as the professionals, the teachers are amazing and all the circus people are really nice! I think circus people are lovely! Ellie is looking forward to the move to 4 Elms “Its really exciting, I can see myself doing circus for the rest of my life, if not as a career then continuing with classes and the new building will give us a space to do it!”

Gill Williams
Age: 67

Gill has been in contact with Nofit State for 18 years, she first came across us when she saw an advert for a trapeze class in her local leisure centre “ I found out there were a few spaces left and went down to sign up only to find out it was a children class, thankfully there were a few other people over the age of 18 there and they said if I could cope I could join in!” In the early years Gill would sometimes have to go a year between classes waiting to find one she could join in, this changed when we moved into our first temporary home in Cardiff “the classes become more regular and I joined trapeze, hoop and rope classes, I had always loved to watch trapeze as it make people look so graceful and weightless, when I first started learning I had to be pushed into it now I would be loathed to give it up, its so very special it makes me feel so good, its totally liberating!” When asked how she felt about our move into our new permanent home in 4 Elms she said “Our own building! Yippee!!! The thought of us finally having our own home is wonderful! Fitness is elusive at my age and all I hope is I’m fit enough for long enough to dangle in the new space!


£ 10 538.99

So far we've managed to collect an amazing £1,363,770 towards Four Elms

Thanks to everyone who has
donated so far...

Supported by Big Lottery Fund, Foyle Foundation, Resource Efficiency Wales, Welsh Government, Cardiff Council, Garfield Weston Foundation, Admiral Insurance, Moondance Foundation, Mann Williams, The Cliffton, the Splott and Adamsdown community and the people of Cardiff.