Four Elms

Training Space

10m x 20m with 6.5m clearance Ground floor. Fully accessible with a wheelchair ramp leading to foyer and loading doors onto the street Equipped for circus training including: static and swinging trapeze, rope, silks, Chinese pole, tight wire and a range of crash and tumble mats Floor is semi-sprung wood Under-floor heating. Acoustics are excellent.


"The space is airy, calming, beautiful - it's the perfect environment to be creative.  Thank you for giving us such a fantastic place to develop our work!" Nikki & JD


Rehearsal Studio

7m x 5.7m with 3.5m clearance Ground floor, fully accessible with wheelchair ramp Good natural light, heating system and a dance floor with semi-sprung wood


A large meeting room suitable for up to 20 people seated comfortably Excellent natural light, original stained glass windows and working fireplace Available at a daily rate of £150

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