Youth Circus

Weekend and evening classes for ages 5 - 16 

We welcome children and young people of all ages and abilities to join the NoFit State family. There are many reasons why children and young people love circus - it's a great way to make friends, get fit, learn new skills and build self-confidence.

We believe circus has something to offer anyone of any ability, with a broad range of skills including juggling, acrobatics, trapeze, tightwire, unicycle. Our older members even get the chance to learn flying trapeze on Wales' only flying trapeze rig.

Circus is proven to increase spatial awareness, co-ordination, fitness, flexibility and confidence, and our ethos of co-operation, not competition means every child and young person feels included. Our sessions are safe, fun and taught by circus professionals, many of whom perform in our professional company.

Our older youth circus attenders regularly visit other youth circus groups, and attend circus events and shows both in Cardiff and other parts of the UK and some even get the chance to experience real circus life, visiting touring productions like Bianco and experiencing life alongside the company, learning, training and even performing their own showcase.

Whether you want to do circus for fun, or as a career, we can give you the training you need. Our company is unique; an internationally-acclaimed professional touring company keen to provide pathways from our youth programme to professional performance.

There are four fun and exciting Youth Circus age groups at NoFit State.




For more information on how to join, please contact Reception.