Block: Tales from the road (part 16)

By Tim

Published Monday 17 July, 2017

Day 52

An early evening blog. It’s just gone 6 PM and we’re done for the day. Another two great shows, but the performers have to work extra hard when there’s only 200 in the audience.

Andy has been a star. He’s had an ear infection for the last two days but he’s still done all his tricks. The rest of the gang have been stars, too.

I’ve just discovered that the science museum, next to the hotel, was designed by Zaha Hadid. It’s exterior is all concrete, a much derided building material. At night it’s illuminated and becomes a spectral sea liner. Beautiful.

Now, I’m off the a local kneipe – I’m not sure of the translation, could be a fast food kiosk or a small restaurant. This one looks like it serves traditional German food and beer. (The veggie girlfriend has gone home, sadly.)

I earned a few brownie points today by announcing the next show at the end of our show. Hopefully, it will make up for my cynical attitude!


The two towers in the background contain 800 pre-sold cars. In the foreground is Ali, he’s a star!



A ship in the night.


Day 53

*See part 12, Day 41*

I thought this was the pinnacle of my career. Then, later that night, they sacked me!

The Seven C’s have decided to split up and they don’t need a manager anymore. Sexual tensions and musical differences mean they want to go their separate ways.

Chunky, Coeliacly and Cooky are rejoining their last band the E Mohouse band. Cloudy and Crunchy are on their 12 step journey to duo AA. Celery and Cubely are pursuing solo careers. Celery is launching his own range of perfumes – Chic Peace. Cubley is hoping to become a chimp in Chester Zoo (and that’s the only true one).

I’m devastated, it’s been a glorious journey. I am going to miss them all.

For contractual reasons, we have two gigs left tomorrow. Then I’m left to drive all the kit back home on my own. Every kilometre I’ll be thinking of them. Crikey, I think I’ll cry.


DAY 54

So Block is over, all bar the shouting. The two shows todays were great. I noticed Danny having a quiet tear or two during the very last one.

We load the van tonight at 11pm and then we’re on the road in the morning. I’m travelling back with the workshop team. They have been brilliant and really appreciated by the festival.

Hopefully, we’ll be home on Tuesday evening. I’ve had eight days off since I started this blog so I’ll be taking some (well earned?) rest.

They gang; Andy, Ali, Amer, Lee, Luka, Africa and Danny have done Motionhouse and NoFit State proud. They created an amazing show that wowed thousands of people across Europe. They should all walk a little taller after the last two years.

Thank you for the journey. I’ll always hear Luka shout "Crikey Cranky”.

But, to return to the point, tonight I had mackerel fillets in that little kneipe I mentioned earlier.

Bon voyage.


The final bow, the final show.