What a NICE event!

By Lynn

News from the Network of International Circus Exchange seminar 2014

It’s a whole month since we said goodbye to the 103 amazing people who took part in this year’s NICE event in Cardiff.

Having attended three previous NICE events in London, Holland and Denmark, I was thrilled when we at NoFit State were approached to be the hosts of this year’s NICE seminar in partnership with CircusWorks. I find this one of the most inspiring events of the year, meeting like minded people from all over Europe with the shared passion of changing lives through circus.

We had 15 different countries represented, each bringing their unique experience of circus to share. We had discussions and workshops on funding and safeguarding, aerial and acro technique; inclusion and games; flying and counterweighting… 3 days and 4 nights of inspiring, talking, debating and learning.

Lots of us came away with new skills to take back to our groups, and we generated a huge amount of information, which I am still writing up and will put up online as soon as I can collate it all.

The highlight for me (and many others) was Craig Quat coming all the way from the US with his unique methods of teaching juggling, and sharing his adaptive equipment. I have no doubt that young people all over Europe will soon be opening up new ways of juggling with these fantastic toys.

So what next? A big part of the NICE seminar is about making new connections. We know some great connections were made, which will lead to exchange visits and new partnerships. On a more local level, we feel its time for the UK to come together in this way and share our practice. So we will be inviting youth circuses around the UK to come together for our own circus exchange in Cardiff.

Save the date - 7th & 8th March 2015. For more info on this contact or

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