Very Serious Circus


We are the Jedi Performance Group – and we are very serious. What has happened so far this year?

Performing at the NICE conference in Four Elms in front of Youth Circus companies and teachers from all over the world

Wowing our friends and families with our Alice in Wonderland Christmas Cabaret

Travelling to London to see Cirque de Soleil

Performing in the Bianco Big Top in Cardiff and at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay

Training 3+ times a week in Cardiff with specialist teachers

Going to special workshop weekends and performances at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London – training alongside and performing in front of Youth Circus companies from all over the UK

Making new friends

Learning new skills

Challenging our fears and doing things we never thought we would be able to do

Creating our own shows and taking them to festivals

Auditioning for professional circus schools – and getting in!!!!!

Do you want to join us? We only have 4 places for new people starting from September so please call soon.

You need to come to at least three Jedi classes a week – one of which must be our Performance Class. You must also be over twelve years old before Christmas.

Ground Skills, Tuesdays 4.15 - 6pm | Acrobatics, Wednesdays 4.15 - 6pm
Aerial Circus, Friday 4.15 - 6pm | Mixed Circus Skills, Sunday 12 - 2pm
Performance, Sunday 2 - 4pm

Because we train so much our classes are cheaper than any one else’s – from £7 a lesson down to £5 a lesson. NoFit State also offers special bursaries to help people who really have problems paying.

Over the next year we will be performing a new show at the Motorpoint Arena along side a 1000 voice choir and have a new opportunity to develop our leadership skills in a new additional free class so that we can learn how to organise our own events and performances and trips.

If you want to find out more please ring NoFit State – 02920 221330. 

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